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Mission Overview

The goal of the Basic Low Earth Orbit (BasicLEO) project is to explore the technologies required for building a viable CubeSat use SPARK/Ada for the flight control software. This project's predecessor was the Alaskan Ice Buoy Project that helped us learn about the CubeSat Kit hardware that is also being used in this project

Our CubeSat was launched into low Earth orbit as part of NASA's ELaNa IV program on the Air Force ORS-3 mission. The launch vehicle was an Orbital Sciences Minotaur 1 rocket launched from Wallops Island, VA, on November 19, 2013 (launch video). The mission, still ongoing, has been a success! We have downloaded many pictures from our spacecraft as well as other telemetry data.

Tracking Information

Vermont Tech CubeSatOur low Earth orbiting CubeSat re-entered Earth's atmosphere and burned up on November 21, 2015. This was two years and two days after its launch. We were able to successfully communicate with the spacecraft up until a few hours before its re-entry.

Thanks to all of you who helped our effort by emailing packets to us! For the record: our down link frequency was 437.305 MHz, 9600 baud, FSK, AX.25. Our spacecraft has the International Designation 2013-064AD, also cataloged as NORAD 39407U.

More tracking information can be found on the N2YO real time satellite tracking site.